Wendy Musser

Artist Bio

Wendy is a North Carolina native, born in Greensboro.

Oil and pastel landscape painting is her primary focus.  Her education includes obtaining an Associate of Arts Degree from Peace College, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  Returning to school later, she completed a second major in Interior Design at Meredith College.

After years of working in art related fields Wendy aspired to return to her college art training.  She then began to study acrylic studio painting under Mary Anne K. Jenkins. To better understand the landscape and to capture the inspiration of being in nature as one paints, in 2001 she began studying “plein air” pastel painting.  Due to the array of pastel colors available the medium has energy and immediacy that makes painting on location an exciting experience.  Translating the stimulation of painting in nature into a vivid yet harmonious image of colors is a rewarding challenge.  The plein air paintings are generally worked to near completion while on the painting site.  Back in the studio the pieces are evaluated and finishing touches are added.  Once finished, they may become an inspiration for larger scale paintings.