Robert Patierno

Artist Bio

“Art, for me, is an attempt to make an “order” of reality, sense of chaos. What I perceive must be simplified, readjusted, and a then a personal image may appear.  Within the process of the relief print, I find limitations that inspire me. In painting I find a spontaneous confrontation with the medium. No matter how many blocks I print, I expect the print image to be direct and maintain clarity. The tradition of the print helps me maintain control of my ideas. Likewise, traditions of Painting mix with the free flow of my habits and ideas.”

Artist and Printmaker Robert Patierno has been well-received throughout the world.  The themes of his work are universal and his expressions are tireless and constantly evolving.  The works of Robert Patierno are often striking representations of the chaos of existence.  They provide commentary on everyday occurrences in a light that may not be evident within superficial thought.  Often, Patierno seeks to identify pockets of reality that may pass by unnoticed or be more interesting when taken out of context, only to portray them in a way that is curious or even alarming to the viewer.  Although Patierno works with various media, he is most commonly identified as a master printer, specialized in relief printing.