Pete Sack

Artist Bio

“I am interested in creating new narratives from existing photographs. Whether it be from an old yearbook or old baseball pictures, I extract images from their original content, to give them a new, personal meaning. I paint a new painting every day. These paintings are about the size of a postcard and they are studies for potential larger paintings. Each painting is an experiment. The under painting is tightly rendered watercolor on paper. Over this layer is loosely painted in oil paint. I use this process to create visible tensions, which helps in the story or emotion I am putting forth.”

Artist Pete Sack started his art career at an early age, creating watercolor paintings of baseball players from photos out of magazines. He continued his artistic development at East Carolina University, where he graduated with a degree with a BFA in Painting in 1998. While there, Sack was introduced to oil paint and has had a loving relationship with the medium ever since. Presently residing in Raleigh NC, Sack has combined his love of oil paint and watercolor by creating paintings with both mediums.

His works are also held in several permanent collections including the American Institute of Healthcare and Fitness, Raleigh NC, the Borough, Raleigh NC and Biologics, Raleigh NC