Micah Mullen

Artist Bio

Micah Mullen received his Bachelor’s degree from State University of New York at Brockport and later a Master’s degree from Duquesne University. His father was an artist and an art educator, surrounding Mullen with art from an early age.

“My paintings are centered on conceptualization evolving over time.  For that reason it is important for me to devote equal or more time to each painting I do.  Although my skills as an artist increase with each work, my creativity is also expanding.  Therefore I must concentrate on painting longer so to accommodate for new ideas.

My style of painting involves creating a complicated background of hundreds of grids of varying colors.  When done the background will loosely look the intended composition. From there I concentrate on adding detail to segments of the painting.  This method allows me the most expression because different parts are all done at different times.  For example a typical landscape composition might have twenty different trees.  Painting all the trees during the same session will tend to create too many similarities and thus a boring composition.  Patience and time allows my paintings to reflect my varying emotions and moods and in a strange way create a sense of balance and harmony in what are sometimes very detailed and confusing compositions.”

Mullen’s work has been included in numerous exhibitions including the Raleigh Fine Arts Society and The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.