Mary Rountree Moore

Artist Bio

“I strive to capture the feeling of those fleeting moments of the sublime- the vast beauty of nature, which humbles us all. The images are derived from nature’s innate abstractions, allowing the mind’s eye to gather its own interpretations.  It is the memory of those undeniable visual experiences that gives me inspiration.  Balance in the natural order is strongly apparent in my serene landscapes.”

Mary Rountree Moore received a Bachelor of Art Education from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 1964 and went on to receive study Studio Art at UNC Chapel Hill during the 1980’s.  She further continued her education by studying painting at the National Academy School of Fine Arts in New York City from 1997-1998.  She has worked as a fashion designer, a children’s sportswear designer, a color consultant and a design coordinator.  Since 1998, she has focused her attention full time to painting in her home studio and en plein air.  Moore is represented by galleries up and down the east coast from Florida to New York and has been consistently showing her work in group and solo shows.