Marsha Owen

Artist Bio

“Pottery is a constantly challenging craft. My goal is to meet that challenge while producing pots that work and are pleasing to the eye.

Function is most important: it must do what it is supposed to do, and do it well.

It is very satisfying to me when someone comments that they are still using a pot I made for them long ago. That means I have succeeded and that perhaps the profession I chose for myself over 30 years ago is the right one after all!

Being a potter is a job and, like any job, requires hard work and perseverance for which I am repaid with fulfillment as well as an income.”

Marsha Owen and her husband Rick Moss produce functional wheel-thrown stoneware and porcelain pottery from their studio in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Marsha has been making pottery for over 25 years and Rick has been working with her for the last fourteen years.  Marsha does most of the throwing while Rick does some hand building and most of the surface decoration.  Often he uses a process where he scrapes off some of the glaze to make a surface decoration.

Rick graduated in 1971 from the School of Design at NC State University. Before joining Marsha Owen in the pottery business, he held a variety of jobs, including running his own business of home repair and remodeling.  Marsha is currently a self employed potter.  She has also been a resident potter at Penland School of Crafts and a teacher during the summer session at Penland.

All pottery made by Marsha and Rick is functional and intended for use, it can be placed in the dishwasher, the oven and is safe to serve from.