Larry Downing

Artist Bio

A Biblical parable cautions the farmer not to build barns and store up wealth for this world.  It cautions us not to store up what moth and rust will destroy.  Water towers and silos remind me of ways our pasts and stored provisions direct our movement.  These towers and silos are repositories for our collected wealth.  They are our source for sustenance even if they are misplaced confidence in things and our past gain.  We are encouraged also to consider the birds…because they do not toil or spin or store up wealth, but depend on God for their provision.  The birdhouses and silos point at the dysfunctional irony of birds acting a bit like people.  The implied function and loaded imagery are wasted on the birds.  They also remind me to focus on more permanent matters.

We live in a tension of freedom and responsibility.  The disconnected caster or “free wheel” is symbolic of our free will.  The pulley points to a delicate balance in our lives.  We are limited by our time bound perspective, our past, our fear, and our procrastination.  God seems ironic, wanting us to choose to trust His provision moment by moment and to be free of past offenses.  Look through the work, ponder the ideas, and consider hope.