J.M Henry

Artist Bio

“For some time I have been inclined to cover, erase or besmear parts, sometimes major parts, of my drawings and paintings and then either uncover them, redo them, or draw over them in an effort to achieve a balance between recognizable imagery and abstraction. My desire is to let forms and patterns suggest themselves, and allow the viewer to take those visual fragments and draw upon their own experiences and associations. In this way, I want my work to act as a catalyst; in many regards, I intend for it to ask more questions than it answers….”

Jim Henry was born in Glen Falls, New York and received his BFA from The State University of New York at Albany. After studying intaglio printing at The University of South Carolina, he relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina where he was greatly inspired by the land. His abstracted landscapes are created by layering paint using traditional and unconventional techniques. Henry explores the elements of pattern, repetition, and color and how they interact in minimal compositions on the canvas.

His work is exhibited nationally and is in numerous corporate, private and public collections, including the Fayetteville Museum of Art, the Hickory Museum of Art, the Gaston County Museum of Art and History, Bank of America, Wachovia Bank, and Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge and Rice.

In 2003 he was a recipient of a North Carolina Regional Arts Grant.